Blue Sheffer


sample match est. reward

Modular continual learning in a unified visual environment

Kevin Feigelis, Blue Sheffer, Daniel L. K. Yamins (2018)
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)


Color compositionality

Grounded learning of color semantics with autoencoders

Dev Bhargava, Gabriel Vega, Blue Sheffer
Seq2seq autoencoder that learns a joint visual-lexical space for color semantics. Won "Outstanding Poster Award" for 2017 offering of CS 224n.
CS231n Project Architecture and Data

Offline signature verification with convolutional neural networks

Gabe Alvarez, Blue Sheffer, Morgan Bryant
Deep learning for detecting forged signatures.
CME161 Project Vizualization

Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) Cursor Perturbation Experiment Visualization

Visualization (three.js and D3.js) of low-dimensional separation of neural data in BMI-cursor error experiment (extension of 2015 NER conference paper by Stavisky et al.).